Halvårsrapport inkommit från Mutomo, utdrag från rapporten nedan.

In this half year report we have managed to complete 10 houses and water tanks.

In this quarter ending 30thJune 2020 we have managed to construct four new houses and we have also supplied two other new houses with materials and they are under construction. Below presentation of families in the four new houses:

  1. Elisabeth– A family of six members, 5 children and a widowed mother. The family comprises of two boys and three girls. Two of the children have dropped out of schools. Three are in primary school. The mother (Elizabeth) who is a widower she is very sick and she is admitted at Mutomo mission hospital right now. The family is very needy they only depend on well-wishers.
  2. Muthoki – A family comprising of five members, four children who are total orphans. The mother died on 7thMarch 2020. Two children are in secondary school and other two children are in primary school. The family depends on well-wishers.
  3. Grace – A family of six members, five children and a grandmother who is very old. Two have done tailoring and dressmaking, one child is in secondary school, another one is in a vocational training collage and the lastborn is in primary school. The grandmother who is very old is the one who takes care of the family. 
  4. Wambua – a family of 9 members, 7 children consisting of five girls and two boys. The first born is a school dropout while the other children are in primary school. Both parents are unemployed and their father is suffering from Tb.