Årsrapport är nu publicerad under årsrapporter, nedan utdrag ut rapport från Mutomo.

Report 2020  

It’s a new year 2021 in which we hope for the better , its has started with lot of expectations , with low worries from covid19 virus infection.  Our prayer is that every one of us has gone back to work with energy and determinations to fullfill his duties as it is expected.

In the last quoterly report, we had sent a report of 10 completed houses for the last six months ( starting from January –  June 2020). In this report we have captured another 10 houses. Out these ten houses, 8 houses have been completed and occupied by the beneficiaries, two others houses are under construction. These two houses have delayed because the lands where the houses had to be put up had disputes. The beneficiaries had to first settle the land disputes with their families. But we had already supplied all the materials on site for construction. Therefore we had to wait for the beneficiaries to settle the disputes. Below are the list of eight house which are fully completed and ocupied. 

So far, in 2020 financial year we have managed to construct 20 houses and cemented tanks. 18 houses have been already completed and occupied by the beneficiaries while two houses are under construction and soon, they will be complete and occupied by the beneficiaries. We thank you very much for you continue support that you accorded to the community of mutomo in general, may our almighty God bless you so much. We hope to see you soon after the vaccination. 

Report prepared by: 

Frank, Remmy and Mary. 

Jescah / Lilian  –  the mother died in the year 2018 and left six children.
Mumbe  – She is a single mother with seven children. Six children are in primary school and one child who is the last born has not yet joined school .
Kanini   – A fimily of seven members, 6 children, two boys , four girls and the mother. One child is in university sponsered by CDF, one girl has completed form four while the other girl who is the third born is in form three. The other three children are in primary school.  

Judy –  A family seven members, six  children and a mother. The mother is widower, her husband died in the year 2019. Five children are in primary school while the last born has not yet joined school.